Wednesday, June 21, 2006

Naomi In Sydney For Nicole’s Wedding

Last Wednesday, Naomi Watts arrived in Sydney, Australia for Nicole Kidman’s wedding festivities. They’re friends, of course. Nicole would be getting married to Keith Urban, one sexy country singer.

Of course, the details of the wedding were not disclosed to the public however most believe that it would be taking place this week. I even do believe that it would be taking place this weekend.

Although there have been some reports that the wedding would be taking place at the Cardinal Cerretti Memorial Chapel. This is a good spot for a wedding. You see, the church is actually located overlooking the ocean. There would also be a more than huge tent so as to accommodate all guests.

Anyhow, Nicole’s two children, Isabella who is 13 and Connor who is 11, would be arriving in Sydney soon enough. Isabella and Connor were both adopted during Nicole’s marriage to Tom Cruise.

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