Wednesday, June 28, 2006

Britney Poses Nude

Britney Spears   xxx   Stars & Gossip – Celebrity gossip and news.You read that right. Despite the fact that she is still very much pregnant, she went ahead and had her photo shoot. Guess, she’s taking after Demi Moore.

She bared all. This, just for the cover of Harper’s Bazaar August issue. So if you’re interested, you can hunt down that magazine come August.

Anyhow, you can not only see Britney pregnant and nude but you also would be able to read a story on her as well as a photo spread.

Browse through the rest of the magazine and the company claims you would be able to see her all in her full six months pregnant stage. She’s not nude in some pictures. There’s even a photo of her and a Sean Preston who’s also naked. But no Kevin Federline.


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