Tuesday, June 27, 2006

Demi: Going For Cosmetic Surgery?

Demi Moore  xxx   Stars & Gossip – Celebrity gossip and news.You cannot stop time so you would not get old. Everybody goes old. Even Hollywood stars with all their cold, hard cash.

Now, Demi Moore is prepared. She wants to go through cosmetic surgery. Of course, she would like to preserve her unique beauty.

If you think Demi has not yet gone through any of these beauty regimes and schemes, she already has. In her 43 years in life, she has already experienced breast enlargement. She is still ready and open to go through more. Procedures, that is.

On this, she explains: “I have no problems with enhancing one’s looks or fixing something that’s changed. I don’t see me getting oodles of stuff done, but for some things, it’s a godsend. After three kids, gravity takes its toll and everything heads south, so it’s an option.”

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