Monday, June 05, 2006

Millions For Shiloh’s Pics

For sure, Angelina Jolie and Brad Pitt would be hoarding in millions when they sell the rights to photographs of their daughter, Shiloh Nouvel Jolie-Pitt. However, the couple has come to an agreement that any money that they would be able to raise in exchange for pics of their daughter would be used for charities that would be helping out African children.

A statement from the couple proclaimed that they really were hoping to raise enough money so as to be able to help out save lives of newborn children in Africa. They also added, “While we celebrate the joy of the birth of our daughter, we recognize that 2 million babies born every year in the developing world die on the first day of their lives. These children can be saved, but only if governments aroundt he world make it a priority.”

Shiloh’s photos would be licensed to media worldwide by Getty Images. The company has claimed that they would be making no profit out of this.

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Gulia said...

It is so wonderfol that they want to and maybe are helping the kids around the world.....because of that i really like Mr. and Mrs.Pitt....they are so awesome....for helping the kids need of help...:)