Monday, June 26, 2006

Naomi Campbell, Sued By A Maid

Naomi Campbell   xxx   Stars & Gossip – Celebrity gossip and news.This model is getting sued again by her maid. This helper has claimed that the supermodel has hit her.

Gary Gibson is the maid and she filed her complaint in Manhattan’s state Supreme Court. She’s suing Naomi of personal injuries, employment discrimination, civil assault, civil battery, and whole lot other issues. This was filed last Monday.

January 17 was when Naomi hit Gibson, as per Gibson’s claims. According to the maid, she was even called names by the model. And she was even threatened to be arrested. All these because the model got upset after she was unable to find a pair of jeans that she was looking for.

No comment though from Naomi’s side.
Remember, this is not the first time Naomi's got issues like this.

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