Tuesday, May 16, 2006

Sheryl Crow's Back

After her battle with breast cancer, rockstar chick Sheryl Crow is back on stage.

Sheryl Crow is already 44 and her first public performance after her cancer was last Tuesday. She underwent surgery last February as well as radiation and chemotherapy treatments during her fight against cancer.

Of course she was still kind of ginger and all but she managed to perform well. She played her guitar and flashed her smile to the crowd. She still was kind of on the rusty side after months of not performing for audiences. She flubbed her lyrics to the song “Soak Up The Sun”. Being the total performer that she was, she stopped the song and started it again. She seemed to have fun while performing, though. And she ended her set with her hit “All I Wanna Do.”

Sheryl states, “The words are just coming back to me now. I think the radiation went to my brain. This is certainly the first time I’ve played in ages and I’m happy just to be here.”

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