Wednesday, May 03, 2006

Nick Carter’s A Bad Boy Now?

I remember Nick Carter (you know, that Backstreet Boy member) as that teenager who could do nothing wrong except make those femmes fall in love with him screaming.

But now, reports have it that he has just been accused of sexual assault. This accusation was thrown at Nick by a female from Florida. She says this happened when she spent the night at Nick’s house. Question is, what was she doing there? Of course, Nick would have to stop himself from doing anything that the girl would not want to do.

The rest of the story goes that she was with Nick in his house along with his assistant. Nick had paid for her and another friend of hers so that they could travel from Wisconsin to Florida for a vacation. She says she was assaulted at around midnight.

So what does Nick say? Nothing. He denies it. Now, who’s telling the truth?

But then again, Nick has had his own share of scrapes with the law. Remember 2002? He was arrested after arguing with a woman in a nightclub. How about 2004? His ex-girlfriend Paris Hilton says that he was the one who caused her bruises.

Now I wonder. What has been Nick doing all along?

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