Monday, May 15, 2006

Eminem’s Divorce

What’s going on with Eminem’s divorce? Well, here’s what.

Kim Mathers, Eminem’s wife has already filed a response. It was Eminem who filed the divorce request. Now, Kim is asking for:
* financial support
* attorney fees
* joint custody of their daughter (Hailie Jade Scott, 10 years old)

Also, aside from those previously mentioned, Kim is also asking Eminem to pay for the mortgage, the insurance, and utilities in their home which is located in Michigan.

Trivia: This is their second marriage. Their first marriage ended in 2001. This divorce was filed in April 5th, which is less than three months after their remarriage.


shannon kellett said...

awww this is real sad, if you listen to eminems songs they are tell you about his life, it musta been tuff like.
he realy does love his daughter and that is lovely :) xx shannon xx

Anonymous said...

eminem must love his daoughter.i know that his songs are just for entertanment but u can tell that he doesnt have a very pleasent opinion on his now ex wife.but i think its great that he still loves his daughter.he seems real connected to her. i think he is a good father and his wife is kraazy for doubting him, but thts just my opinion...xoxo kristen <3

derirocks2010 said...

this is soo sad, eminem loves his daughter and never wants to let her go and he is tell everyone that in his songs. and then kim she is making is so hard who him and his daughter i would just say to her (kim) give it a rest like...
Xx dezzy xX