Friday, May 26, 2006

From Performer to Total Movie Star

Cillian Murphy (Douglas, Ireland)
He auditioned for the role of Batman-slash-Bruce Wayne.
* Batman Begins - the villainous Scarecrow
* 28 Days Later - the last man standing during the battle against the zombies of London
* The Girl With A Pearl Earring - the butcher boy who just adored Scarlett Johansson
* Red Eye - the cunning Jack Rippner

Rachel McAdams (London, Ontario, Canada)
She’s been dubbed as the new Julia Roberts.
* Mean Girls
* The Notebook – the romantic leading lady
* Wedding Crashers – the girl who tamed Owen Wilson
* Red Eye – the lead in this film
* The Family Stone – starred with Diane Keaton and Sarah Jessica Parker

Zooey Deschanel (Los Angeles, California)
The daughter of acclaimed cinematographer Caleb Deschanel
* Almost Famous – Patrick Fugit’s older and flight attendant sister
* All The Real Girls – the girl who truly falls in love for the first time
* Elf – the enchanting department store elf

Jamie Bell (Newcastle, England)
* Billy Elliot – the titular character
* Undertone – the troubled Southern teen
* Dear Wendy
* The Chumscrubber
* King Kong – the literary cabin boy

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