Wednesday, May 17, 2006

Avril Gets Movie Role

If you loved Avril Lavigne, you’re going to love her more for she’s just grabbed a spot in Hollywood. She’s got a role in a new movie starring Richard Gere. Top that.

The movie is titled, “The Flock”. She’s having a small part, but who cares? It’s a good Hollywood start. And think about the experience. It’s Richard Gere, for heaven’s sake.

This rocker chick from Canada has gone through a true image transformation. Remember the rock chick boots and jeans? They’re totally gone. She now sports Chanel gowns and stiletto heels. Growing up, Avril?

So what does Avril say? “I have one scene in it. It’s with Claire Danes and Richard Gere. And Richard Gere, was, like, really cool. In between takes he was like totally giving me pointers. It was so crazy. I’ve known of him since I was so little.”

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