Wednesday, January 24, 2007

Three Days Of Crying For Oprah

For three days, Oprah cried her eyes out. This was what she shared in her magazine’s February issue. What caused her to cry was when one of her relatives told the story of her getting pregnant at age 14 and her losing the baby after birth to the National Enquirer.

The story leaked out back in 1990 at the Enquirer. However, it was with Parade magazine that she did really confirm the story. Oprah’s baby was prematurely born and a short while after its birth, it died. And it was Patricia Lloyed, her half-sister, who told the story for money. Oprah did mention that the story made her half-sister $19,000 and upon hearing of what her relative done, Oprah cried for three days because her ‘hidden shame’ was already told to the public.

Oprah has been sexually abused since she was a little child and she now says that her experiences have made her stronger and has quite helped her grow to what she is currently.

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