Wednesday, January 24, 2007

No More Ski Holiday For Prince Charles

Much as he would like to take that ski holiday, it looks like he has decided to better feed the wants of his government than feed his own longing for that kind of holiday. You see, Prince Charles just cancelled the skiing holiday which has been a tradition for this celebrity. A spokesperson from his office said that the prince decided to do such a thing so as to lessen and tone down his carbon footprint.

The carbon footprint is actually the measure of the greenhouses gases that would be created by the activities that Prince Charles makes. So by cancelling his skiing holiday trip, it would be also toning down the greenhouses gases of his activities.

It has been learned that some advocacy groups have been campaigning for the prince to rather use video or satellite links instead of flying to awards ceremonies or other occassions where he is needed to receive an award so as to reduce greenhouses gases and help out keep the environment clean and green.

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