Thursday, February 01, 2007

Tyson Gets Caught. Again.

Boxer Mike Tyson may have been able to do away from drug rehab but it looks like things are still not going good for him. He was just recently caught because he was suspected of driving under the influence and also of possession of cocaine.

Tyson may already be 40 years old but he is still planning of going back to the ring. But with his kind of attitude and with his kind of habits, it may quite be a long time before he an actually reclaim his glory.

A source close to the boxer says, “Mike can't shake the drugs. He checked himself into rehab because he says he's broke and his only means of supporting himself is boxing. He had to get clean. He admits he does cocaine and mushrooms (a hallucinogenic) and that he drinks too much. But after only nine days, he left the facility, saying he felt like he was in a cage. One of the first things he did was find a nightclub and party with friends!”

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