Friday, April 28, 2006

Snoop Dogg's Doggy Attitude

Snoop Dogg has been arrested. Well, that is he and five members of his 30-people entourage. They were arrested on the grounds of suspicion of violent disorder and affray. It happened in London’s Heathrow Airport last Wednesday night. They got into a brawl with the police and airport staff there. The casualties? Some seven officers were injured.

It all started when Snoop Dogg along with his men were denied entry to the British Airways’ first class lounge. So they were told that they should remain in the business class section. Of course, some members refused to do such a thing. What some of them did was to start throwing bottles of whiskey around the duty-free shop at the airport terminal. Hmmm…. Maybe they really do need to go behind bars for this one. Something not quite right.

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